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The Missing Heiress

Robert Goldsborough: The Missing Heiress (USA 2023)

From the Publisher:
The daughter of a steel magnate disappears, and Nero and Archie must forge ahead with an investigation in this new mystery from the award-winning author.

Archie Goodwin's very good friend, Lily Rowan, spends much of her time-and considerable financial resources-helping women in need, from underpaid workers to mistreated wives. But at the moment she's particularly concerned about one woman: her best friend, Maureen, a beautiful socialite who's been incommunicado for two weeks.

After Archie helps Lily comb through Maureen's deserted Park Avenue penthouse, and Lily contacts each of her friend's well-heeled suitors, they still don't know much more than when they started. Then Archie tries to track down Maureen's estranged half-brother, but he seems to have vanished as well. Fortunately, Archie's employer, Nero Wolfe, has a soft spot for Lily. He volunteers to step in-just in time, too, as this missing-person case soon becomes a murder case...

Robert Goldsborough: The Missing Heiress. A Nero Wolfe Mystery. / Open Road Media, ISBN: 9781504079891 (June, 2023), 223 p., $17.99, eBook $9.99.


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