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Silver Spire

Robert Goldsborough: Silver Spire (USA 2016)

From the Publisher:
When a fellow shamus gets charged with murder, Wolfe comes to his rescue
Staten Island would be forgettable were it not for the gleaming Tabernacle of the Silver Spire, where thousands of congregants come every Sunday to hear the sermons of Barnabas Bay. Millions more tune in on television, giving the good Reverend international fame, and a chance to spread the gospel from New York City's harbor all the way to South Korea. But threatening notes have been appearing in the collection bag, suggesting that one of the faithful has decided it's time this good shepherd get the hook.

Believing organized religion is nothing more than a scam, rotund sleuth Nero Wolfe refuses to investigate the threats, instead recommending veteran investigator Fred Durkin for the case. But when Durkin is accused of murdering the Reverend's assistant, Wolfe fights to clear his name. He may not be a Christian, but he will always help a brother in need.

Robert Goldsborough: Silver Spire. A Nero Wolfe Mystery., ISBN: 9781504034753 (June, 2016), 212 p., $13.99.



Silver Spire

Robert Goldsborough: Silver Spire (USA 1994)

From the Publisher:
When a series of threatening notes, with passages lifted from the Bible, are placed in the collection plate on six consecutive Sundays, world-famous televangelist Reverend Barnabas Bay calls on Nero Wolfe to find the culprit.

Robert Goldsborough: Silver Spire. A Nero Wolfe Mystery. Bantam Books, ISBN: 0553563874 (January, 1994), 223 p., $4.99.


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