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Phoebe Atwood Taylor: Dead Ernest

Dead Ernest From the Publisher:
Leonidas Witheral, Phoebe Atwood Taylor's "other" detective, inhabits a suburb of Boston named Dalton. One of its most colorful residents, he is the proprietor of a prestigious boys' school and instantly recognizable by all as William Shakespeare's remarkable look-alike. Few people, however, know him as "Morgatroyd Jones," author of the popular and flamboyant Lieutenant Haseltine adventure novels. But like his own fictional hero, Witherall's outrageous escapades mix slapstick and suspense like no one else's.

Phoebe Atwood Taylor: Dead Ernest. A Leonidas Witherall Mystery. Foul Play Press, ISBN: 0881502421 (September, 1992), 218 p., $6.50



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