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Out on the Rim

Ross Thomas: Out on the Rim (USA 2003)

From the Publisher:
Would you be wary if someone gave you the assignment of delivering five million dollars to a Philippine terrorist - never mind from whom or why? Booth Stallings, a terrorism expert just fired from his job at a bashful organization that never admitted its mount in the Washington merry-go-round, is wary. So wary that he cuts in con man "Otherguy" Overby, who in turn involves Artie Wu, pretender to the throne of China, and his partner, Quincy Durant. Obviously, good patriots don't want to hand over all that money to bad guys. Better they keep it for themselves. Which inevitably raises the question: Who among them will end up with the money?

Ross Thomas: Out on the Rim. Introduction by Donald E. Westlake. St. Martin's Press, ISBN: 0312290594 (January, 2003), 336 p., $13.95.






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