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M. J. Trow: Lestrade and the Gift of the Prince

Lestrade and the Gift of the Prince From the Publisher
Murder is afoot among the footmen of Britain's Roay Household: a servant girl, Amy Macpherson, has been brutally slaughtered. And so our hero, Sholto Lestrade of Scotland Yard, is once again on the trail of mystery.

As he tries to untangle a villainous web of conspiracy, the superintendent -- ineptly disguised as a schoolmaster -- must venture north to Scotland. His investigations take him from Balmoral Castle to the Isle of Skye to the North British Hotel, where he narrowly escapes an inferno in Room 13.

Along the way, Lestrade is accompanied by the mysterious Alistair Sphagnum, who rockets the detective through the Scottish Highland on his brand new motorcycle -- causing Lestrade more than a bit of anxiety.

The intrepid investigator contends with the most baffling clues he has yet encountered. Worse still, everyone around him is convinced this is a case for the local police. But even when Lestrade is threatened by a fiendishly gruesome killer, her perseveres to get his man.

M. J. Trow: Lestrade and the Gift of the Prince. Regnery Publishing, ISBN: 0895262533 (January, 2000), 208 p., $19.95



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