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M. J. Trow: Lestrade and the Ripper

Lestrade and the Ripper From the Publisher
The year is 1888, and Jack the Ripper terrorizes London. All of the brutal killer's victims are discovered in the same district, Whitechapel, and all are prostitutes. But theirs aren't the only murders to perplex the brains of Scotland Yard. In Brighton, the body of one Edmund Gurney is also found dead...

Foremost amongst the Yard's top men is the young Inspector Sholto Lestrade. It is to his lot that the unsolved cases of a deceased colleague fall - cases that include the murder of Martha Tabram, formerly a prostitute from Whitechapel, and that of Gurney...

Leaving no stone unturned, Lestrade investigates with his customary expertise and follows the trail to the public school Rhadegund Hall. What he finds is murder...

As the Whitechapel murders increase in number, so do those at Rhadegund Hall. What is the connection between them all? As if it weren't confusing enough, Lestrade is hampered by the parallel investigations of the great detective, Sherlock Holmes, aided by Dr. Watson. Who is the murderer of Rhadegund Hall, and are he and the man they call "Jack the Ripper" one and the same?

M. J. Trow: Lestrade and the Ripper. Regnery Publishing, ISBN: 0895263114 (August, 1999), 287 p., $19.95



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