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M. J. Trow: Lestrade and the Leviathan

Lestrade and the Leviathan From the Publisher
The year is 1910, and Superintendent Sholto Lestrade's lot is not a happy one. He has a number of vicious murders to solve, including those of a man hanged in a church bell tower, a cross-Channel swimmer, and his old sparring partner, Dr. Watson. Meanwhile, anarchists are threatening the peace of Europe, the whole of Scotland Yard is looking for "Peter the Painter," and a bloodthirsty cabbie lies in wait for the Assistant Commissioner. To top it all off, Lestrade gets roped into helping with the coronation of King George V. Lestrade is never frazzled, however, as he guides the Yard in unraveling these baffling mysteries.

M. J. Trow: Lestrade and the Leviathan. Regnery Publishing, ISBN: 0895263408 (May, 1999), 208 p., $19.95



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