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Jack the Ripper

M. J. Trow: Jack the Ripper (UK 2009)

From the Publisher:
For a hundred and twenty years, the identity of the Whitechapel murderer known to us as Jack the Ripper has both eluded us and spawned a veritable industry of speculation. This book names him.

Mad doctors, Russian lunatics, bungling midwives, railway policemen, failed barristers, weird artists, royal princes and white-eyed men. All of these and more have been put in the frame for the Whitechapel murders. Where ingenious invention and conspiracy theories have failed, common sense has floated out of the window.

M.J. Trow, in this gripping historical reinvestigation, cuts through the fog of speculation, fantasy and obsession that has concealed the identity of the most famous serial murderer of all time.

M. J. Trow: Jack the Ripper. Quest for a Killer. Wharncliffe Books, ISBN: 9781845631260 (October, 2009), 208 p., £19.99.






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