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Bad News

Donad E. Westlake: Bad News (2001)

From the Publisher:
"I'm a robber, not a grave robber," John Dortmunder says. So why is he knee-deep in dirt in a Long Island cemetery? It all started when Andy Kelp went into cyberspace and surfed his way into the clutches of master manipulator Fitzroy Guilderpost, who, working with a Las Vegas showgirl named Little Feather Redcorn, had the perfect idea for the perfect crime. For Dortmunder and his gang, the first step is to steal a dead Indian from his grave. The next step is to figure out just where Guilderpost is going with this plan, and what's really in it for them. After that, it's every crook for himself, as John Dortmunder and his cutting-edge crew of criminals give new meaning to the term "repeat offender" - and find themselves whistling through a graveyard of their own...

Donad E. Westlake: Bad News. Warner Vision, ISBN: 0446610844 (April, 2001), 432 p., $7.50






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