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Janwillem van de Wetering: Just a Corpse at Twilight

Just a Corpse at Twilight From the Publisher:
Retired Amsterdam cop Henk Grijpstra gets a frantic phone call from his old partner, Rinus de Gier - now living on an island near Jamestown, Maine - who thinks he may have killed his girlfriend. He can't remember, he was drunk. He is being blackmailed, he may be arrested. Will his old partner please fly over at once? Could de Gier possibly be a murderer? Urged on by their former superior officer, the commissaris, Grijpstra travels to Maine to rescue his partner and to confront his own demons as well as de Gier's.

Janwillem van de Wetering: Just a Corpse at Twilight. Soho Press, ISBN: 1569470758 (November, 1995), 266 p., $12.00



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