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Charles Willeford: The Black Mass of Brother Springer

The Black Mass of Brother Springer From the Publisher:
THE BLACK MASS OF BROTHER SPRINGER tells the story of Sam Springer, a drifter novelist who meets Jack Dover, the retiring Abbot of the Church of God's Flock. Dover's final official act is to ordain Springer and send him off to serve as pastor of an all-Black church in Jacksonville, Florida. Springer soon becomes entangled in the city's growing civil rights movement... and with the church deacon's earthy young wife, Merita. The Washington post calls this darkly humorous novel by Charles Willeford, one of the great crime writers of the 20th century, "his masterpiece." This new edition is introduced by James Sallis and contains Willeford's previously unpublished play based on the novel.

Charles Willeford: The Black Mass of Brother Springer. With an Introduction by James Sallis. Wit's End Books, ISBN: 1930997353 (December, 2003), 208 S., $17.95



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