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Steven Womack: Chain of Fools

Chain of Fools From the Publisher:
I'd done some crazy stuff off-and-on the last couple of years. My life had gone off in some weird directions. But nothing could match yanking a stoned, naked, sick seventeen-year-old girl out of a murder scene and sneaking her off under the nose of the police. Harry James Denton is no fool. But his search for a rich runaway teen, Stacey Jameson, takes him to the seamy and very wild side of Nashville. Nobody's chain lays straight, a friend tells Harry. But Stacey's is especially twisted, with links that lead back to a family filled with secrets. Even a hardboiled P.I. like Harry isn't prepared for what awaits him in the depths of hard-core hell, where only he can save a lost girl before she destroys herself or lets a ruthless murderer do it for her.

"Steven Womack has done for male private eye fiction what Grafton and Paretsky did for women operatives in the Eighties, and if you haven't heard of him yet, you will." --Mostly Murder

Steven Womack: Chain of Fools. Ballantine Books, ISBN: 0345396871 (March, 1996), 320 p., $6.50


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