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Cold Hit

Christopher G. Moore: Cold Hit (Thailand 2004)

From the Publisher:
Five foreigners have died in Bangkok. Drug overdose victims or victims of a serial killer? Calvino believes a serial killer is stalking tourists in Bangkok. The Thai cops including Colonel Pratt don’t buy his theory.

In Cold Hit, American P.I. Vincent Calvino teams up with LAPD Officer Jessada Santisak on a body guard assignment and hidden forces pull them through swank shopping malls, rundown hotels, Klong Toey slum, and the bars inside the Comfort Zone as they try to keep their man and themselves alive.

The ultimate is A cyberspace club for single male travelers who flock to the Causeway bars in search of pleasure. But pleasure comes at price. Sometimes that price is their life. Enter the world of on-line sexual confessions, and the night world code of ethics as travelers navigate a new digital morality. As the Calvino learns more about the bodies being shipped back to America, the secret of the serial killer is revealed.

Christopher G. Moore: Cold Hit. A Vincent Calvino PI Novel. Heaven Lake Press, ISBN: 9749210417, 342 p., $13.95.






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