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Comfort Zone

Christopher G. Moore: Comfort Zone (Thailand 2001)

From the Publisher:
Saigon - The American embargo is lifted. Business is booming in Vietnam and in austere Ho Chi Minh City a new generation of foreigners have come to make money and not war.

In Saigon, a young American lawyer Drew Markle uncovers corruption and fraud in the emerging business world in which his clients are dealing. He turns to his brother, Harry, an ex-special forces vet, for advice. Before Calvino leaves Bangkok on the assignment, there are two murders, one in Saigon and one in Bangkok. Thai Police Lieutenant Colonel Prachai Chongwatana ("Pratt") is under pressure from the Royal Thai Police Department to solve the Bangkok murder quickly. During the course of his investigation, Pratt discovers evidence to link the Bangkok and Saigon murders.

For private eye Vincent Calvino, the journey to Vietnam offers the chance to under the identity of the killers. Also there is a larger opportunity waiting for him in Saigon. While on the case, he discovers a way to break free of the ice-like grip of the Comfort Zone, that archipelago of bars and massage parlors of Bangkok, where feelings are forever frozen solid behind the smiles.

Christopher G. Moore: Comfort Zone. A Novel. Heaven Lake Press, ISBN: 9748775496, 267 p., $12.95.






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