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Faking it in Bangkok

Christopher G. Moore: Faking it in Bangkok (Thailand 2012)

From the Publisher:
The Cultural Detective established Christopher G. Moore as a writer whose essays deliver a unique perspective insight into Thai culture and contemporary political and social issues. In Faking It in Bangkok gangsters, gamblers, killers and other criminals are brought to life in the essays. Readers who follow Moore's crime novels will enjoy his detours through the hard-edged noir world of Thailand with whistle stops on the digital age express. Moore's signature irony and humor riffs are also not to be missed as he explores an eclectic range of subjects, from ghosts and fortunetellers to the de facto tribal seating on the BTS.

Christopher G. Moore: Faking it in Bangkok. Crime and Culture in the Digital Age. Heaven Lake Press, ISBN: 9786167503134, 278 p., $13.95.






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