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A Haunting Smile

Christopher G. Moore: A Haunting Smile (Thailand 1999)

From the Publisher:
Bullets are flying in Bangkok. Tuttle is upcountry when he hears Snow's BBC live report above the sound of M-16 fire direct from the urban battlefield near Sanam Luang. Tuttle, Snow, and Crosby return to HQ - the night-time meeting place on Sukhumvit Road where angels and devils, locals and foreigners, and the living and dead arrive after midnight to lease a few hours of pleasure, to offer up their dreams and desires, and to barter their souls for instant cash.

Through a collage of short stories, documentary films, radio reports, journals and letters, Christopher Moore reveals a host of ghosts, drifters, demimonde, arms dealers, journalists and the hardcore expats who have entered a world of massacres, wars, computer tank battles, and midnight secret executions. He creates a disturbing universe where neither the living nor the dead escape untouched or unmoved by the events of May 1992.

Christopher G. Moore: A Haunting Smile. A Novel. Heaven Lake Press, ISBN: 9749221486, 320 p., $11.95.






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