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Pattaya 24/7

Christopher G. Moore: Pattaya 24/7 (Thailand 2004)

From the Publisher:
Inside a secluded, lush estate located on the edge of Pattaya, an eccentric Englishman's gardener is found hanged. Calvino has been hired to investigate. Calvino finds himself pulled deep into the shadows of the war against drugs, into the empire of a local warlord with the trail leading to a terrorist who has caused Code Orange alerts to flash across the screen of American intelligence. In a story packed with twists and turns, Calvino traces the links from the gardener's past to the door of men with power and influence who have everything to lose if the mystery of the gardener's death is solved.

Christopher G. Moore: Pattaya 24/7. A Novel. Heaven Lake Press, ISBN: 9749206665, 305 p., $13.95.






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